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Allow Oladipo to be more of a point guard

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Allow Oladipo to be more of a point guard

Příspěvekod mmogo » 13 bře 2018, 08:13

Westbrook has given the Thunder no indication he wants to leave, not even last summer when rumors were floating that OKC would trade Westbrook after losing Durant."He was never really available," one general manager told Sporting News. "They never gave the impression that they were looking for 2k18 mt a deal for him. That is not going to change, I don't think. They'll try to get better around him and give him the big money next year."

That big money should be in the neighborhood of $220 million over five years. Alas, Iverson made just about $150 million for his entire career.Assuming Westbrook goes nowhere, the Thunder already have the makings of a roster that can compete at that the level of Iverson's old Sixers teams. Steven Adams is no Dikembe Mutombo, but Mutombo was 34 when he went to Philadelphia, and Adams is only 23. He provides a rough-and-tumble defensive presence and has figured out how to contribute offensively playing alongside Westbrook.One key for the future of the Thunder is Victor Oladipo.

Point guard Eric Snow was a vital for making those old Sixers work on both ends of the floor, and Oladipo has the potential to be a more athletic version of Snow. But that is up to Westbrook. He would have to play off the ball and allow Oladipo to be more of a point guard — that is, give up the ball to Oladipo more, as Iverson did with Snow — to make the backcourt work.

The Thunder will have a decision to make on forward Taj Gibson, who is a nice equivalent of Sixers power forward Tyrone Hill. They probably can't afford to pay Gibson, and with the way the game has changed, OKC would be better off with a stretch-4 on board of NBA 2K MT Coins. It's possible that rookie Domantas Sabonis (who shot just 32.1 percent from the 3-point line this year) can develop along that line, but he needs much work on the defensive end.That's an important distinction between Westbrook's Thunder and Iverson's Sixers.
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