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Perhaps the reason for choosing C is the same as the choice

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Perhaps the reason for choosing C is the same as the choice

Příspěvekod rtrtrtr » 07 črc 2018, 07:49

Of course, I was also asked this question. Of course I also answered it decisively. It is said that the answer I give is the same as most Chinese reporters. What's my answer? The answer is: choose C, Ronaldo!

It is definitely not based on the multiple choices that will not be done. If you choose C, choose
balenciaga race runners the method with the highest accuracy rate of C. In fact, this multiple-choice question does not need to be considered in answering, because thinking has long been over and many years have passed. It has been repeatedly carried out, repeatedly intertwined, and repeatedly compared. So now, at this moment of listening, you don't need to think about it. You choose Ronaldo. Even Ronaldo lost points just a few hours ago.

Choosing C, not only because the Cristiano Ronsau World Cup was wearing the cap in the first match, the second match helped the team beat the opponent with the goal; not only because Ronaldo was using his own strength to carry the Portuguese national team forward; more than just because of him In the stadium is a scoring machine but has the most eye-catching eyes of humans. Outside the court is a gentle warm man who knows how to get off the car to soothe the tears.

Why do most people choose C in the end? Perhaps the reason for choosing C is the same as the choice of locker rooms for Portugal and Argentina. The spiritual leader in the dressing room in Portugal is obviously president Ronaldo, and the leader of the Argentine locker room should certainly be Messi. Only the locker room boss wants to adidas eqt adv conquer everyone. He needs a ball player on the court and an EQ under the court.

We can easily see through the locker room in Portugal. The president's teammates are all surrendered to President Ronaldo's heart; we can easily read from the foreign media's reports that Argentine locker rooms are a bit confusing and lead the big brother on the court. The king, but the gas field has not completely covered the dressing room.

Every team can be the only one who is the only big brother. There must be many people who can't read more than can't see. Therefore, it is absolutely right that the court does not know where to pass the ball to pass to the president. If you do not know how to do the multiple choices on the court, you should choose the president. It is absolutely right.
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